NH Professional Logger Program Workshops
NH Professional Logger Program has graciously offered the ability for VT LEAP loggers to attend their workshops at their member rate. Please check out their offerings and let them know if you are interested in attending. VT LEAP loggers need to send verification of attendance if taking any of their workshops to receive LEAP credits.

Contact this website for a listing of workshops offered this Spring - www.nhtoa.org
Game of Logging - for Loggers
The Game of Logging
This training is directed to Professional Loggers. These techniques have proven to increase production and safety in the woods. Game of Logging is a world-recognized training curriculum that teaches chain saw skills. Developed in the 1960s by Soren Eriksson, a Swedish logger turned training instructor, the Game of Logging combines Scandinavian logging techniques with the latest systems for working safely and productively around trees.

Four Days/Levels of Safety & Skills Training: 

The entire Game of Logging program is broken into four separate days. Day 1 provides an overview of chain saw safety and covers tree felling. Day 2 covers saw maintenance and chain sharpening techniques and provides another opportunity for tree felling.
 Days 3 and 4 build on the first two days and present techniques for felling difficult trees, including trees with side and back lean. Days 3 & 4 also cover limbing and bucking techniques and systems for planning work.
Level 1 – June 2nd Level 2 – June 6th Level 3 – September 8th Level 4 – September 15th
Level 5 –September 19th: Level 5 is designed for the logger who has taken all four levels in the past. This day will incorporate a review of the first four Levels and add many techniques that go beyond the basics.
Location will be determined depending on participants.

For more information and to Register go to Northeast Woodland Training’s website: www.woodlandtraining.com

Game of Logging Level 5 for Loggers
L5 is both a refresher of all the four levels and will add much new material from sawyers around the country.
Levels 1-4 are a pre-requisite.

Contact Nate Fice at: www.woodlandtraining.com for more details

To become a member of the Vermont Forest Products Association
To become a member of the
Vermont Forest Products Association
Your membership can be paid through the VFPA website at www.vtfpa.org using a debit/credit card or print off a membership application and mail to:
Vermont Forest Products Association
P.O. Box 110
Coventry, Vermont 05825
Or contact :
Barb Ross
Administrative Assistant

Game of Logging - for Loggers
Bristol, VT VT Family Forests presents:

Game of Logging Level I (Thursday April 2) and Game of Logging Level II (Thursday, April 9). Game of Logging Level III (Thursday April 16) needs two more students to launch!

For more information about any of these HCC offerings, visit http://www.familyforests.org/public-education/events.shtml.

2018 Spring Workshops
Stay tuned for the upcoming Spring 2018 Workshops happening around the State.
Stay Safe!!