Advanced Logger Safety

Location: Lafoe Logging, LLC, 151 Tarbox Road, Orleans this workshop has been combined with the Passumpsic location and will not be held on 10/15
Cost: $75
Maximum attendance: 20
Instructor: Tim Emperor

This training is open to all persons having completed the Introduction to Mechanized Logging Safety course and qualifies for the Safety Certified Mechanized Logger Category of the Vermont Logger Safety and Workers' Compensation Insurance Program. This program reviews the basics for First Aid Rural environment care. In addition, the bulk of the program, through hands on team approach training, will be on how to make critical lifesaving decisions with specific emphasis on “Move or NOT Move.”

1. Welcome and explanation of the day’s training goals and expectations
2. Review Safety expectations while on the training-ground
3. OVERHEAD HAZARDS / Hazards on the ground / Site specific Hazards-Concerns


1. Review First Aid and specifically Rural/Wilderness approaches to rendering aid
2. Bloodborne Pathogens quick review
3. First Aid “kits” Vs. actual Rural Trauma “kits”
4. Communications – Where am I and how will I tell you
5. GPS – Smartphone Apps for emergency reporting
6. Personal accountability – Alone and large site workplace teams
7. Forming a response team of 1 to ….
8. Scene assessment
9. EXERCISE A: Rescue of Trapped Pinned logger – 1st team exercise without Instruction
10. Review of 1st Team rescue exercise A
12. Rescue of Trapped Pinned logger –team exercise with Instruction
13. Review of rescue exercise
14. Wrap up with a frank review of Real Trauma and honest expectations of positive outcomes
a. Yes, you can save a life
b. Yes, you will do what’s right
c. YES, Safety is YOUR responsibility

Tim Emperor is the director of NE Timber Safety Services (NETSS) providing logging operations safety consulting services in conjunction with Industry and OSHA. His team provides safety compliance reviews for timber harvesters, wood product mill operators and their facilities in New Hampshire, Vermont, New York and Oregon. Since 1999 Tim has assisted in the development of, and presentation/training, for safety related programs and certifications with the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Professional Loggers Program. He has worked as a cable skidder and feller buncher operator, and as a timber harvesting team member. He also continues work as a Senior Field Instructor for numerous military Para-Rescue, Special Weapons and select Tactical Teams.