Vermont Logger Safety and Workers' Comp Public Info Meetings

Time: 4pm to 6pm
Location: Bethel Town Hall, 318 Main St., Bethel

Who Should Attend? Logging contractors, insurance agents, consulting foresters, and forestland owners

Representatives from the VT Dept. of Forests, Parks, and Recreation, Financial Regulation and Labor, and WJ Cox Insurance will be present, with other insurance carriers invited to attend.

4:00pm Introductions
4:15pm Overview of the Program
4:45pm Presentation of the Jobsite Safety Standards for Program Enrollees
5:15pm Oversight of the Program and Modernizing Safety Training for Loggers
5:30pm Questions & Answers
6:00pm Adjourn

For questions, contact Sam Lincoln or 802-622-4005

About the Vermont Logger Safety and Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program

In 2019, the Scott Administration, with support from the Vermont legislature, announced the launch of a new program, designed to reduce the number of injuries and workers’ compensation insurance claims on logging operations through the delivery of modernized safety training; adding the availability of loss prevention consultations on logging operations; increasing the number of properly insured logging contractors and providing clear guidance to professional forestland managers and forestland owners about how to determine that they are contracting with a properly insured logging contractor. This will make Vermont’s forest economy a safer place to work, with reduced costs, and increased opportunity.