MISSION: The purpose of the Vermont LEAP program is to promote a professional approach to logging by providing the knowledge necessary for loggers to work safely, efficiently, and in an environmentally conscientious manner while harvesting timber in Vermont.

Logger Education to Advance Professionalism (LEAP)

What it Means: There are a number of reasons to be certifed through the LEAP Program;
selling wood to Mills that require certification to professional advancement to recognition
by landowners. What ever the reason, the LEAP Program is currently the only recognized
Logger Education organization in the State of Vermont.

Cost to become a LEAP Logger:
• There is a one-time Registration Fee of $300  • After the registration fee is paid, the only cost is the day fee for the workshop(s) of choice.
These fees generally range from No Cost to $125 depending on the topic, instructor and
material costs.

How it Works:  PAGE UNDER REVISION.  Contact David Birdsall if you have immediate questions!


:: Download Curriculum Guide (Revised: May 2019)